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If your home or small business were suddenly struck by fire, theft, tornado, or other disaster, would you be able to provide a complete inventory of your possessions to your insurance company? If your 're like most homeowners, probably not. Insurance companies require you to provide a list of damaged or stolen items in order to reimburse you for a claim. If you were to forget something you owned, or could not document that you actually owned something, you might be denied reimbursement for your loss.

Home Inventory Fact: Homeowners and small business property insurance provides for reimbursement of your possessions, up to a certain limit. Many people aren't aware of the value of the furniture, clothing, electronics, and other things they have accumulated over the years. Some items, such as valuable jewelry or collectibles, won't be covered under your policy unless you have purchased special coverage, and provide an exact inventory of what you own.

By using the services of a home inventory specialist, you will receive digital video and still pictures of the inside and outside of your property. You can also receive an itemized inventory listing of your possessions, including serial numbers and descriptions of your valuables.

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Backus Alternatives

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Backus Alternatives are specialists in making sure your home or small business is properly inventoried for insurance purposes, including small business capital equipment inventories and digital still and video inventories. With over 25 years experience in inventory and materials management, they have the expertise to do a reliable job for you. They serve metro Atlanta, Fulton, and Gwinnett counties. Check their website for details.