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Is Your Business Underperforming?

If businesses have the vision, the systems in place to support executing the vision, and the right people – why do they underperform?

People run businesses – they execute actions that support the goals for growth.  So, why is it that so many businesses don’t reach their full potential?

Is it how they treat their employees?  Is it their management style?  Are they flexible?  Supportive? Do they innovate frequently to stay ahead of their competition, both internally and externally?  Do they listen to the ideas of their people across all levels of the organization?

How many companies use the ideas of their people and explore the possibilities?  How many people who have ideas take the time to demonstrate how they think the idea will impact the company?

This brief is designed to stimulate looking at how things are getting done; who is doing them, what areas are excelling and what areas require attention.

Identify where the company is stuck.  Look at the systems and structures that support the area in question.  If they aren’t functioning or performing at optimum – ask the people in that area what is working for them?  Ask them what they see as obstacles to their workflow or progress.  Ask them what they think needs to change.  Ask them what solution they would offer. Then ask them how they are with what they have to do every day.  Do they know how their specific job or function contributes to the growth or structure of the company?  Are they contributing from their strengths?  Do they have aspirations to be someone else somewhere else in the same company?  Do you have programs that facilitate their growth and learning? Do they feel good about you and how they are treated?  Are they willing to change if they are not part of the solution?  Are you?

The majority of the solutions to the underperformance of any organization lie within the brilliance of the people who work there.  External factors may play a very small role compared to the internal disturbances that go unnoticed every day.  The genius of an organization that has a good structure, a grand vision and an execution plan lies with the people who perform the requirements.  Although there are a multitude of additional factors that contribute to a stalled or stuck organization, one of the first places to begin is with a deep inquiry of the people who work there. The results may be the engine that propels your success.  Are you ready?

Submitted by Kathy Holdaway, President
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