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Getting More Referrals

By Elizabeth Wright

Being a member of a close-contact networking group can be an extremely effective part of your marketing plan. Here are a few tips to help you to get more referrals:

Be on time and prepared for your meeting.

Make sure your cell phone is silent.

Bring guests. Welcome guests.

Give a clear infomercial telling what you do and what type of clients you are looking for. Be very specific.

Listen and show sincere interest in attendees.

Don't interrupt the flow of the meeting, especially if you come in late.

If you have questions, wait till the appropriate time to ask them.

Focus on the one business category you have on that team.

Always have plenty of crisp, clean business cards with you.

Give good, qualified referrals.

Schedule one-on-one meetings with your team members, regularly.

Write testimonial letters for your team members.

Offer to follow-up with guests and invite them back.

If you will be absent, get a substitute for your meeting.

Don't let your team know if you forgot you are the seven-minute presenter.

Writing a quick outline can help.

Speak for five minutes and ask for questions.

When presenting, you might want to bring a promotional product or treat for your team members.

Elizabeth Wright is the founder of Networking Works, a closed-contact networking group. She can be be reached at