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Wie viele Leute sprechen gern Deutsch??

By Eddie Esposito, Referral Institute

Well, I'm sure the majority of you have no idea what the title of this article says. That's perfectly understandable since it is written in German. In fact, the question posed in the title is "how many people like to speak German?"

In our daily lives the people we interact with are speaking their own language. That includes our spouses, children, friends and business colleagues. In order for us to have better relationships and get better results, understanding the language each person speaks is a major factor. The language they speak is a function of their behavioral style.

The study of Behavioral Styles is nothing new and has been around since at least the 1920's. There are several organizations that offer style assessments including Myers-Briggs, MMPI and the ever-popular DISC profile. Different professions will use different style assessments to meet their needs, but the most popular seems to be DISC. The DISC behavioral model focuses on the blend of four distinct behavioral styles; Dominant, Influencing, Supportive and Compliant.

Each of us has a unique blend of these behavioral characteristics that makes us who we are. While we are a blend of the characteristics, certain ones will tend to be more apparent than others. For example, some of us will be outgoing while some of us will be reserved. Some will be task oriented while some are involved in people oriented projects. Each group speaks and understands a different language.

For example, one of my very best friends is of the Dominant or D style. He is a well-planned, fast-paced, results-driven person. He doesn't like to waste time and in fact will plan when he is going to have fun. I am a very Influencing person, or high I. I tend to spend time talking and working with people. I like results but I'll use fun to get them and I most likely won't get results working alone. I like to think people like me.

Let's say I was trying to sell something to my high D friend. How should I present it to him? Should I give him a lot of information? Who should be in control? Should he be wined and dined? How do I manage his style to get the best results? What really motivates him? How do I even know what style he is?

On a personal level, how do I communicate with my wife or my children? After I became aware of the different styles and went on to complete further study in the subject, I realized I was communicating with my six-year old child in exactly the wrong manner. The result was conflict and confusion on his part because I was using my method of communication and not his. Once I started speaking his language the results were amazing; less conflict and confusion, and above all he is much more relaxed and confident.

While it may seem this would take a lot of study to master, you don't have to be a master to effectively use this model. With a little study, you can gain enough knowledge to change the way you do some things. You can learn how to recognize exactly who you are dealing with and how to communicate with them. The outcome will be better results, more fun ways to accomplish your goals, stronger relationships and systems that actually support you in making that happen.

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Eddie Esposito is a Master Trainer and franchise owner with the Referral Institute. He serves as the Director of Operations for The Referral Company in Marietta, GA. The Referral Company provides training and coaching for business owners and sales professionals in the area of word-of-mouth marketing.