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The Top 10 Ways to Get Over Fear
of Marketing Your Business

You've started your own business and by all accounts your business should be busting at the seams, but for some strange reason, it's not.

Are you like many new business owners who may be thinking: "Marketing? No, not that... Anything but that!" Fortunately marketing does not have to be the big, scary, hairy green monster it may appear to be. The following tips will help you take the fear (hairy green monster) out of promoting your business.

1. Know and appreciate thyself.

If you realize that you are one of the greatest things to come along since the invention of M&Ms or chocolate covered raisins, then you will boldly market yourself and business without any fear of failure or reprisals. Get grounded in what makes you special, unique, and great.

2. Know the specifics of what you are marketing.

Educate yourself on the ins and outs and every aspect of what you and your business have to offer. What exactly does your business offer and to whom? By getting really clear in these details, you will be more confident and aggressive in your marketing strategies and communications.

3. Learn about marketing from a marketing expert.

The easiest way to get over your fear of marketing is to remove the confusion and common misperceptions surrounding marketing. The more you educate yourself and learn about marketing, the less fearful and the more confident you will be to get out there and do it.

4. Have fun.

Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, marketing can actually be fun. You get to meet a lot of neat people, continually have new experiences, and learn more from every interaction. Enjoy this process and fear will be the last thing on your mind.

5. Get support.

Do you realize how many people are out there just waiting for you to call and ask them to help support you in your marketing efforts? Start off by asking friends, family, and colleagues for their support in your marketing efforts. This way, you won't be the fear-filled lone ranger racing out in to the wild blue yonder to single handedly promote your business.

6. Let your creative juices flow.

The more creative you are in your marketing efforts, the more fruit your efforts will reap. Put your own unique, creative twist to your marketing efforts. For instance, if you love to sing - write and sing a little appropriate jingle you can use to announce your business to others.

7. Be persistent.

You have implemented some marketing strategies and have yet to see the rewards to your efforts. So? No biggy! Be persistent and keep putting effort into your marketing strategies. With continuing persistence, the results will happen.

8. Put your eggs in different baskets.

There are many different ways to market yourself and your business. Don't limit yourself to just one area. Spread your marketing efforts in many different areas, including, but not limited to - business promotions, snail mail, media (including radio, newspaper, television, and magazine articles), networking, personal interactions, and the internet.

9. Accept that NOT everyone will be interested in what you are offering.

By understanding and accepting this, you will get over your fear of rejection and be more aggressive in taking action towards marketing your business.

10. Design a wonderful daily, weekly, and monthly marketing plan.

Great results do not happen by accident. Instead, they are the byproduct of a well thought-out, documented, logical plan. Work with a marketing coach or consultant to design and follow such a plan.

Good Luck and Good Marketing!

About the Submitter:

This piece was originally submitted by Ronya Banks, Mind Discipline coach and trainer, as well as popular author of published Mind Discipline articles.

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