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The Magic of Words

© Lena Sanchez

Words are magic bullets to convey your desire, when used properly.

Whether you are selling something or just trying to get a point across the words that you use are going to compel or repel friends, family, customers or clients...

Since we entrepreneurs online or off, are trying to either sell products/services or get people to subscribe. The words we use will sell our product/service, therefore we need to learn to use words in a tried and true personal manner.

Getting the customer to take actions that you desire requires using correct action words! You must be specific about what you want them to do.

The action words or expressions like "click here," "subscribe today," "visit this," "join now," "go there," "discover how" and "learn these" "order here" are commands in which you compel people to take action. Taking them "by the hand," with words.

There are also phrases of take-away words that compel immediate action;

Statements such as, "To be candid with you, I don't know how long I'm going to keep the doors open to (new members, product, service) because..." add your reasons for closing the doors, such as, only so many people can be handled by one person or only so many product is available and so on....

Or "We can only guarantee that people who sign up through [date] will qualify for membership, because..." Support this statement with "free bonuses worth over $!" Sealing it with a catchy phrase such as, "You snooze, you lose." and "The early bird gets the worm." Be sure to add an action phrase, "So, don't wait. Join NOW!"

Then there are those curiosity words that pull large numbers of sales/people;

Curiosity is nothing more than something that's "secret," "rare," "private," "unavailable," "exclusive," "limited," "scarce," "uncommon," "prohibited," "hidden," etc.

People are curious when they can't see the whole picture of something they are interested in; words like "private site," "exclusive members area," "insider access" or "restricted info." Moreover, people not only love the security of hidden information and the idea that the information/products/services is all together in a single place that's easy to access, learn and digest creating, all of which creates curiosity as well.

Words that give perceived value is a grabber of sales/customers/clients also;

Perceived value is another grabber of sales/customers and the words that convey perceived value are; "secret formula," "custom checklist," "unique process," "specialized system" "mystical secrets" and so on, all helping to heighten perceived value because these phrases imply less time, money and effort in finding that same information elsewhere should you desire that particular information.

Michael Fortin and many other internet successful long lasting Internet business people, use terms such as: "Proficiency Program," "Secret Formula," "Inner Circle," "Hidden Vault," "Mentoring System," "Treasure Trove," "Coveted Toolkit," etc. Grabbing their customers/clients with them.

A word of "caution" here - These words or any other success words will not work if you truly do not have the information or product/service that stands up to their hype. So first rule is to make sure your product/service really is what you want the words to convey! Otherwise somewhere down the road you will gain a reputation of "liar," "dishonest," "untruthful," etc. Killing your business!

Real success is the follow up (known as backend selling) business, not the first time customers/clients so it will not pay to falsify advertising!

Use those words that will make you a success NOW!

Honesty is imperative!

Lena Sanchez

 *** Lena Sanchez is CEO of OLH Marketing Enterprise and online business since 1997 -  - Consultant on health matters as well as Internet business. Editor of "Natural Environmental Health & Business Facts!" Get your business online today by contacting her at