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What Would You Do If You Knew You Couldn't Fail?

Copyright © by Lena Sanchez

Have you ever thought about that? Take that thought one step further and ask what could I have done if I had known failure was not an option? Unrealistic thought here! Failures teach more than successes ever has and should not end your life of trying and experimenting. Continuing until you find your niche is the sign of a true entrepreneur as well as maturity!

The thought that obstacles would not occur in life or business is an unreal idea. So the next question you should ask is, "can I handle obstacles?" You yourself are the real obstacle in this equation. Altruism is "thoughts are things!" Well if you think you are not able to do something you certainly can rest assured you won't! But by the same token, if you think you can you most certainly will, obstacles or not! Special bonuses usually arise for those that act quickly and without worry knowing that obstacles, should they arise, will be overcome by your own power. Want bonuses in life or nothing? It's your call!

If you are reading this the thought of success in business or your personal life has and does occur to you. Right! So are you ready to analyze yourself and find out what it will take to get yourself in gear for success? Are you ready to make a commitment to yourself and success? A commitment is something you do not back out on just because the going gets rough. 

I was raised with parents who had no positive or constructive goals nor reached for things outside their world of friends. That world was a very small perimeter to them. My, father the dreamer, had such potential but was so set in his own ideas that he would not seek nor listen to advice as he thought he knew everything, thereby dooming him to a life of unsuccessful attempts. Since he had no friends that could claim successful lives in the world of business or industry he had no knowledge of finding a mentor and probably would not have listened to one anyway. 

We can be our own worst enemies if we fail to open our eyes to what isn't in our path at the moment.

My parents could not teach me the success principles since they had never learned them. So the first rule I learned while watching their lives was to go outside our circle and find a circle of creative, supportive, goal oriented positive people with dreams and people who were not afraid of challenges or failures. Also to find a mentor or mentors to show me the way out of my limitations, since you simply cannot find a way out of something you know nothing about. I watched everyone I knew and admired that had successful lives, thereby learned by others' successes and drives. Watching then gave me the empowerment to do whatever I chose to do. I continue to live that way, helping others as they ask. My 64 years of life has been a learning experience every day I shall never stop learning and hopefully neither shall you! To stop learning is to curl up and die...

I have not always been able to rise above negative attitudes, but for the most part am able to ignore them, that is not to say I don't feel them. Yes I am as human as the next person but I made a decision early on in life and that was to choose not to pay attention to such nonsense. I became a champion at ignoring sarcasm and negative attitudes early on. Not because I'm special but because it isn't constructive to my mind or business to accept negatives. No I'm no better than anyone else! It's choices I make and choices you can make if you wish. 

The courage to act as though you cannot fail will carry you through those times if your passion is strong enough. Yes, passion is a necessity but it isn't everything, but it certainly is the greater portion needed to succeed. But there is that other necessity called persistence. Persistence, the drive to reach your goal that will lead you to success. Applying passion and persistence to find ways around obstacles in yourself and in others will create ways to overcome your own inertia or resistance to change. It will also serve to teach that you are more powerful than you ever thought you were.

One of the first inertia problems is called the idea level. Those thoughts or sayings, "I'd love to try that, but" or someday I will do it, "when." I could do it but "Reality is." Those words "BUT," "IF," "REALITY," and "WHEN" will do a lot of harm to your abilities, drive and persistence. The lack of INERTIA is fed by those words. A lot of your ideas get stopped right at that level. The ideas that will carry you through is the, "WATCH ME GO or "IF YOU CAN DO IT SO CAN I." It is not simply the positive thought. It requires action good ole daily, consistent, persistent, positive steps. Keep your mind focused on what you wish to accomplish. If that is a problem for you let me know. I know a whole lot of friends that I am willing to share that are waiting to be your mentor or positive influence with answers to business problems you didn't know existed. No, we are not baby sitters nor will we do the work for you, but cheer you on when you hit those times that you can't cheer yourself. Surround yourself with folks who want you to get there...and do not stop! 

First take a few minutes today; remember what you most wanted to do when you were young. Have you done it or did the light dim? What would you like to do now? Choose something small and accomplish it. This will build your confidence for the larger things and then continue to build. 

Next look back a few years and make a list of your accomplishments. Spend some time celebrating all that you have done, raising a family, getting a degree, choosing supportive friends, kicked that bad habit, etc... Do not give the negatives another thought! Throw them out! You are successful in many ways but you may need to ask a family member or friend questions that will help you realize your accomplishments that you didn't think of as accomplishments... 

Now, what is your next success going to be? Will it be continuing to work for someone else who calls the shots or will you use your new found self and grow your own business and you make the calls in your life?

If the later is your choice you now have the option of a business that will not fail if, you are willing to work with yourself and choose others with like-mindedness, get going now. Surround yourself with people that have conquered their inertia, live with passion and are willing to help every person that is willing to put forth the work and effort to be successful. You are on your way. For by helping others get what they want you will get what you want...

The logical thing for you to do is know where you stand in terms of passion, persistence, inertia and ability to make choices of positives rather than negatives! Once you have made those analysis and are ready to begin a whole new world for your self go to work and make it a reality in your life... Need help contact me!

I have found that people who have failed to make money on the Internet are usually lacking or doing some or all of the following;

  1. Those who make the millions of $$ are the person with insight and ability to focus on positives. Failure is failing to focus on the positives!
  2. Associate programs are for the benefit of the person who started that program. Associates make money off that!
  3. Lack of focus on one business will kill a business.
  4. Jumping from one thing to another has killed more businesses online!
  5. Failing to sink the money into purchasing tools that will grow your business.
  6. Trying to do business with every freebie that comes online.
  7. Inability to recognize their abilities and only they create failure!

Writer Lena Sanchez a retired Medical Office Administrator/Nurse/Consultant is editor of Natural Environmental Health Facts & Your Home Business ezines subscribe at     Health & Wealth Consultant.