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Specialize Your Way To Success

© 2001 Donald Goss

If being in business for myself for nearly 25 years has taught me one thing, it's this... If you try to be all things to all people you are doomed to failure.

Let me give you an example. Early in my business career I couldn't stand it if I had to send one of my customers to a competitor. I was so afraid of losing the business. I wanted my customers to think I could do anything. So I embarked on a policy of trying to 'specialize' in everything. It nearly destroyed my business! I realized in the nick of time that I wasn't doing anything very well anymore. This shotgun approach was diluting my effectiveness. I was also doing my customers a disservice. So it goes with Internet marketing and any other business. If you try to do too many things, you probably won't do any of them very well.

Don't try to be everything to everyone. You will actually increase your odds of financial success if you specialize. Spend most of your time concentrating on one field of study and you are bound to become quite good at it.

There are so many areas that you could choose to specialize in that could be profitable. Become an expert in one of the following fields and you could make a very good living.

1) Compile eBooks. There are many small businesses that would like to sell their own eBook, but don't want to invest several hundred dollars in software. You could invest in the software, learn how to use it well and become an expert eBook compiler. You could charge your clients a reasonable fee for your expertise.

2) CGI Script Installation. There are thousands of web sites that rely on cgi programming. CGI programs help gather email addresses, information from online forms and much more. Many webmasters either can't or don't want to install their own cgi scripts. The last time I tried installing one myself, I lost what little hair I had left.

3) Autoresponder Service. Find a web host that has unlimited autoresponders and start your own autoresponder service. Anyone who is trying to intelligently market anything online uses sequential auto responders.

Allow small businesses to use your service for a fee. Or you could give them away free and charge other businesses for advertising on your high traffic site. This is already being done by several companies, but there is definitely room for you to get your share.

4) Ghost Writing. Do you have writing skills? If you do, put them to good use. There are thouands of marketers out there who need help writing ad copy, eBooks, web site or newsletter content.

5) Web Design Services. As long as people are selling products and services online there will be a need for web designers. There are already a ton of web design services, but if you specialize in a niche market, you could do very well.

These are just a few examples of some fields where you could gain expertise and specialization skills. With a little thought and a bit of research, I am sure you could come up with a great idea of your own.

Choose your field of specialization, learn everything you can about it and practice, practice, practice! Once you are confident and ready to begin marketing your new skills, study your competitors and their marketing methods. Be creative. Try to think of ways you could do it a a little better or differently.

Decide that you will offer better customer service. Believe me, in most cases it is not that hard to out customer service your competitors on the Internet. Finally, put a marketing plan together and go for the gold. You can specialize your way to financial success.

Donald Goss is the editor of: Lightning Solution, a Free Ezine that features business building techniques, traffic generating strategies and inspirational thoughts. His affiliate and joint venture programs pay a whopping 50% commission on sales.