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So, What Is Mentoring Anyway?

Excerpt taken from Mentoring from M-Z

By Kathleen R. Smart

The big buzzword today is personal coaching. In reality a coach is a mentor! What is a good mentor and do you need one? The definition of a mentor is "A wise and trusted counselor or teacher."

Before you can lead someone anywhere in life, whether as a personal coach or business mentor, you must go further than you expect others to travel. Have you ever been in a group situation and someone stands in the front of the room as the expert? Do you know them or about them? What are their successes in life or where have they been.

I recently attended a Les Brown seminar and by the time that meeting was over I have a deep abiding respect for the man who stood QUALIFIED before me! I understood where he has been and realized he had the AUTHORITY to share words of wisdom and instruction to me.

What you are and do in life speaks louder than what you say. Others want to know that what you have to offer them and can it take them further than where they have already been. A wise person once asked me a very pointed question. Are the tracks you make in life leading others off a cliff, or to the path of victory?

I have always been cautious of who I allow to speak into my life. Whether it is about my business, or my personal life. I want someone to look up to, to follow after and admire. You can't be a good coach or mentor to anyone if you haven't invested the time and taken the hits in life and "bounced" back to success. What is success? Walking through the fires of life, taking the long hard road of persistence and looking back with a proud feeling of accomplishment. Remember that you can't lead where you won't go and you can't teach what you don't know.

If you are considering investing your time and resources into a mentor or coach - Ask these questions:

What qualifies them as a mentor? A degree, title, or organization doesn't necessarily mean success resides in this individual.

What accomplishments have they made in their own life and what areas of expertise can they offer you?

Ask for personal references of others who this person has been able to lead to a level of success.

Then ask yourself one final question. Does this person emulate something that I want?

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