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Sacrifices or Choices?

© by Lena Sanchez

What are you willing to sacrifice for the dreams in your life? Yes it will take sacrifices in order to achieve success. The road to riches is paved with sacrifices! Do you have the ability to make the choices that lessen the sacrifices that are sometimes necessary?

Sacrifices include, days and weeks when 16 to 20-hour days are the norm, when you hardly notice what day of the week it is. Sometimes days turn into weeks and weeks, months. Some seasons pass you by without a glance. A blur that passes you by season after season. That was my old life!

The times and moments of wrestling over whether the goal and plan are valid enough to continue this sustaining streak. Self-doubt creeps in and is an ever-bearing thought that has to be fought back or it will kill your business.

Ongoing pep talks to your inner-self will be required to Maintain inner-strength and fend off the effects of setbacks and stinging disappointment, discouragement and occasional disillusionment. The way in which you bounce back from the effects of a major setback can sometime be the single determining factor in achieving success. The battle to keep from giving up when it gets tough and hard to think.

Financial spending seems to always go over what you had planned on specific projects or products! Under funding is one of the first reasons why start-up businesses fail. A smart business plan will allow you to not only survive personally and financially but will have formed a contingency plan to overcome yet another problem.

Physical health is often overlooked and illness often accompanies you on your road to success - the stress of it all such as weight loss or gain, fatigue, even depression. Realize that mental and physical planning is an absolute must to achieve your success.

All too often one of the largest sacrifices of achievement is irreparable damage to relationships in your life, when that significant other person reads the actions of focusing and determination as an obsession. The reality is that true understanding and support by that person or persons outside the quest are rare.

A large number of families have fallen apart because the entrepreneurial spirit was alive in a household without the others having the same stick-to-it-ivenss. This is such a complex and normal occurrence that each situation has it's own unique but sameness to it. The ability to sit down prior to starting entrepreneurial ventures and ironing out exactly what the other person or persons are expecting and what they can give is the path to preventing relationships from falling apart. Communication is the key that will see relationships not only survive, but grow while on the road to success.

The road to success is sometimes paved with steep and rocky hills with very few valleys in the beginning. The ones who are willing to fight the fight and often pay the high price are the ones that truly enjoy their success and sharing with others.

If you hit those hills, just remember there are valleys going down as well and you cannot stop and pick up the rocks on the way upward. Leave them behind for the slothful ones. The climb will be sooo worth it!

It is so amusing and enlightening when I hear someone make envious statements of a successful person such as, "Oh yeah, he's got it so easy". My thought is usually "if you only knew". Knowing full well they have no idea what it has taken for that successful person to achieve their success.

When you get to the top look on the valleys and the rocks with joy and accomplishment knowing you did it yourself with sacrifice, planning and work! Most of all take a mentor on your journey, someone who has what you want and is will to share the secrets of getting there as it will make the path much less rocky and shorter! If you can't find one give me a ring, I am willing to share my journey with you...

Lena Sanchez a retired Medical office nurse/administrator/consultant. Lena also does consulting in online business and alternative health matters helping to build success in business and healthy minds and bodies