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On The Net and Working

-By Becky Lynch, Bec Advertising

The Internet is, without a doubt, a turbo boost to the transport world of information. Almost anything you wish to explore at the tip of your fingers! WOW! No, WWW! Business folks who understand how to incorporate technological tools into their business can reach an enormous amount of people. As long as your tech side is producing the desired results, good for you! But remember there is more than one way to market a business.

Don't lose sight of the working side of net working which requires a personal appearance on occasion. Your business can have a virtual side but let's keep the fleshies shaking hands at the networking events! When people meet you they see the vibrance you exude about what you do, something that cannot be expressed on a flat screen. So what is the best way to network?

The answer is, there are many ways. Smart people still don't put all their eggs in one basket! Even the flashiest, most interactive web presence gets an occasional bug that has to be caught and worked out. There's no need to suffer downtime if you practice a variety of ways of networking your business message. Networking is a talent that is a perpetual learning activity, as information is shared, we achieve the goal of positively developing good business relationships.

Constantly improving communication to customers through advertising and marketing in a variety of media is also highly recommended, remembering to have some plan in place to get the most value for your ad investment. Consider the value of a good logo to help make your product or service distinctive and distinguishable from the competition. Cultivating solid contacts in the business community through good, old-fashioned hand shaking, using technology and having a good marketing direction, all combine to equal a formula for success that is bound to score high for your business!