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Networking Means Showing Up -
Showing Up isn't Networking

Networking isn't:
Handing out a business card to someone who hasn't asked for it.
That's direct mail, or spam.

Networking isn't:
Rushing in as the Speaker is being introduced, and walking out during the closing announcements.
That's attending a meeting.

Networking isn't:
Sitting down at a table with people you know and catching up.
That's staying in touch.

Networking is:
Introducing yourself to someone you've met once before. Shake hands and say "Hello, I'm Wendy Kinney, we met last month."

Networking is:
Meeting someone new and finding out what you have in common "Hello, I'm Wendy Kinney, is this your first time here?"

Networking is:
Introducing two people who have a common interest ­"Chris, have you met Pat? He also works with businesses that are moving."

Use the tips below to have conversations with people. That's networking.

1: Introduce yourself to the Speaker.
Explain why you are looking forward to hearing their speech. Answer their questions about your business - speakers want an example from the audience to use to make their presentation current - ­ you can get that press!

2: Introduce yourself to someone who asked a question.
Tell them you appreciated the question; that you had been wondering about that too. Ask how they have dealt with the issue in the past. A conversation could turn into coffee and an affiliate relationship.

3: Say good-bye and thank you to the event organizer.
Tell them exactly what you gained from the meeting. Let them know you'll be glad to put it in writing if they would like to use your comments in their promotion for the next event.

Network and Prosper -

Wendy L. Kinney is a speaker who focuses on networking skills and referral based marketing systems. Her keynote Networking Aerobics: CardioVascular Activity for Your Wallet gives business owners and sales people effective skills for open networking events. For more information on how to make networking work for you, contact Kinney via phone at 404-784-0699, fax at 404-816-8685, or email at