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If There Isn't Any Music,
There Won't Be Any Dancing

by Wendy Kinney

Your Mama may have taught you not to toot your own horn; but if you don't say good things about yourself, how will people know that they want do business with you, instead of choosing your competition?

Our fear is that we will appear arrogant. There are few characteristics less appealing than arrogance. Consider, though, that one of the most attractive characteristics is confidence.

We all want to do business with people who are good at what they do; so let the people you meet know what your strengths are.

They will feel comfortable doing business with you. Even more importantly, you are giving them a power tool to use to refer their clients to you.

Use these tips to build a collection of toe-tapping reasons why the people you shake hands with should ask to dance with you.

  1. Think of five things (count on your fingers) that are fun for you; reasons why you enjoy what you do.

    Some CPA's actually enjoy tax season. To them it's a game; a puzzle to be put together.

  2. Remember five times clients thanked you, and what they said.

    "I was dreading that, but you made it painless" easily turns into a tune you can sing when you are describing your business.

  3. List five things that come easily to you, things that are often more difficult for other people.

    Are you a natural negotiator? That makes you better at your job.

  4. What five skills have you worked to develop?

    I study verbal self-promotion techniques and pay attention to effective patterns.

Network and Prosper
- W!

Wendy L. Kinney, PowerGenerator at the referral marketing network PowerCore, is a speaker, trainer and author based in Atlanta. Known for her trademark seminar titled "Ready . . . Set . . . Go MakeMoney!" Kinney also covers such topics as "Fishing for Referrals in the River of Life," "Money is Chocolate: Get Off Your Diet," and "Networking Aerobics: Cardiovascular Activity for Your Wallet."   She has produced an audiocassette tape pack titled "Exceptional Networking: Getting in Touch, Staying in Touch, and Making it Count in Dollars and Sense." Reach Wendy by e-mail at