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Garnishing a Network

Restaurant owners know that garnish is where the profit is. A sandwich on a plate - $3. Add chips - $4.50. A pickle and a sprig of parsley - $7.95.

Good networkers understand the value of garnish too. It's those little in between times when we find out what we have in common, laugh a little and learn to trust each other.

Tuna on bread is foundation and meat. Add a leaf of lettuce, a few capers, some diced cucumber and a sandwich becomes a memorable meal.

Attending a meeting is a foundation activity (gotta have the bread). Trading info about our businesses is the meat (otherwise we can't pay the mortgage). But we become memorable and valuable - we build a network - when we garnish.

Add the networking tools below to your condiment shelf.

1: Make a phone call.
Start with "I haven't seen you for a while - you must be busy, that's good".
BEWARE: Do not segue into a sales pitch. They will think that's why you called.

2: Send a card.
People often mention their birth date. How many cards did you get last year? Receiving one would be memorable then?
BEWARE: Watch out for sarcastic humor. You want them to feel good when they think of you.

3: Forward an ezine.
Add two sentences telling why this made you think of them.
BEWARE: The information must benefit them, not pitch you.

4: Go to lunch.
Where else can you give, and get, undivided attention!
BEWARE: Don't spend the afternoon; they'll hesitate next time.

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Wendy L. Kinney, PowerGenerator at the referral marketing network PowerCore, is a speaker, trainer and author based in Atlanta. Known for her trademark seminar titled "Ready . . . Set . . . Go MakeMoney!" Kinney also covers such topics as "Fishing for Referrals in the River of Life," "Money is Chocolate: Get Off Your Diet," and "Networking Aerobics: Cardiovascular Activity for Your Wallet." She has produced an audiocassette tape pack titled "Exceptional Networking: Getting in Touch, Staying in Touch, and Making it Count in Dollars and Sense." Reach Wendy by e-mail at