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Gaining Control of Your Paper Documents

Pause. Listen. Hear the footsteps? It is your competitors gaining on you. They're trying to close the gap everyday!

You need to put more distance between them and your organization. But how do you do it when you're constantly challenged to do more with less.

By outsourcing your document management you can save money that can be plowed back into product development, new technology, expanding your sales force.whatever will widen the gap. It's a no-risk way to generate savings that fall right to your bottom line. Typically, no new Investment is required!

There are Document Management companies who specialize in Document Management. Usually, customers show an average annual savings of 16% of their document spend. The White House commission on Paperwork said that for every $1 spent on buying paper, $100 was spent on processing it!

Consider these four steps to help you gain control of your document spend:

  1. Analysis
  2. Design
  3. Implementation
  4. Results Reporting

The Document Management Company that you hire should begin by understanding how things get done in your organization, what your processes are, and what information you need to capture. Your vendor should help you to ensure:

  1. Reliable delivery
  2. Consistently high quality
  3. Appropriate solutions
  4. Control over brand identity
  5. Hones recommendations
  6. Fewer headaches
  7. Significant cost savings