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Future Selling Strategies

By Chuck Scheibe
Georgia Sales Development Inc.,
a Sandler Sales Affiliate

Enthusiasm is Out, Serious Buyers are In

The old saying, "when prospects are enthusiastic, they are buying" does not hold true in this marketplace. Enthusiastic prospects may be focused on the exciting possibility of your product or service because they either don't have any money or cannot or will not make a decision.

If individuals are getting ready to spend money, they seriously consider cash flow, potential value, potential loss, security, trust and many other emotional issues. Want to learn what you should be doing in place of jumping up and down, read on.

Use Low-Key, Non-Agressive, yet Assertive and Straight-Forward Sales Methods

If you're still selling the way you sold in the 90's, odds are you are not getting the same results you used to get. The idea of presenting to entice the prospect doesn't work anymore. You may be giving "free consulting" and million-dollar presentations to people who can't or won't buy.

  1. First, get your prospects comfortable telling you their concerns and their commitment to taking care of those concerns. Part of this initial process is to stop "handling stalls and objections." Allow your prospects to bring up and fully explore their objections. Then allow them to discuss potential resolutions of their concerns. If you are the one trying to overcome their objections, then the wrong person is working too hard to solve their problem. The art is to let your prospects overcome their own objections. (This is not going to be easy-prospects are trained in the old way too!)

  2. Only after prospects have convinced you that they have compelling reasons to engage in the process, you should discuss money, budget, cost of doing nothing, etc. Prospects must convince you that they can make the necessary investment, and they are willing to pay your price if they have conviction in your solutions. Come to an agreement about money; don't allow your prospects to "blow smoke" and don't get caught in the "negotiating down" loop AFTER the presentation.

  3. Discuss decision-making process, don't trial close. Tell them you are seeking a win-win and honestly want what's best for them. Let them know that you are very comfortable if they decided that it's not a fit. Also, discuss the prospects' required steps for coming to a decision: who has concerns that need to be dealt with, who will this decision affect, who may not be enthusiastic about this purchase, who is enthusiastic. Have them convince you that they're able and willing to make a decision (yes or no) in a mutually agreed upon time frame. This must be done BEFORE making a presentation.

  4. Give fluff-free presentations-make sure your presentation is focused on what's important to your prospects, not what you think is important.

  5. Avoid back outs by allowing your prospects to feel comfortable talking about potential pit-fails as you move forward. Don't get excited about a commitment and forget to "post-sell" and find out the next day the deal is off!

Follow these guidelines for selling that's more productive and more fun to boot. Enjoy!

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